Horikei corporation is based in Niigata-city of Japan, is a trading company that specializes in handling of Koshihikari rice.


[ E-Commerce / Oversea Sales Division ] 2-7-20, Yoneyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata, JAPAN TEL:81-25-383-6501 FAX:81-25-383-6510 JAPANESE
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代表取締役社長 堀 敬介 The world economy has gradually recovered despite confusion over financial conference in the United States, debt problem of European countries and a variety of uncertainties of conceive and vulnerability of emerging economies.

Against this backdrop, Japan economy has get out of deflation because of Abe administration’s daring financial policy and flexible monetary policy.

Although among the cloudy situation, thank for Abenomics, the direction of Japan now has been moving forward with the hope of creating a new Japan. It also the aim of the Horikei Corporation.

In the meanwhile of doing the long-time plan such as developing the value chain of rice and food business, rising the asset of competitiveness, we also aim to run the strategy that promote our strength and expand our business foundation.

Moreover, to meet the expectation of Horikei Corporation’s customers including the clients and partners around the world, we have no way but create our business and its value continuously.

Through these activities, we will build "chain of expectation and realization” firmly to make our company stronger, continue to "challenge and creativity” to contribute to the activation of the Japanese economy, and the realization of the rich world.
To make all above things, we hope to receive your continued support and encouragement more and more.
                   Horikei Corporation
                President & CEO Keisuke Hori

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Echigo Yonezo
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